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The Five Aspects of Christ's Atonement


How did Jesus Christ atone for us? Many only think of His sacrifice for our sins and for our redemption. However there are at least five aspects to the atoning work of Christ. Here they are in a nutshell.

1. Sacrifice.
Jesus Christ in obedience offered Himself up as a substitutionary sacrifice to God for our sins on the cross.
This overcomes and presupposes our human sin and guilt.
1 Cor 5.7; Eph 5.2; Heb 9.23,26; Heb 10.12 and many others

2. Propitiation.
Jesus Christ fully satisfied (propitiated) God's wrath against us by the offering up of Himself on the cross.
This overcomes and presupposes previous divine wrath against us.
Rom 3.25; Heb 2.17; 1 John 2.2

3. Reconciliation.
Jesus Christ "reconciled" us to God -- restored us through His sacrifice on the cross to God. (The meaning of "atonement".)
This overcomes and presupposes our previous state of alienation from God.
Rom 5.10,11; 2 Cor 5.17-21; Eph 2.14-17; Col 1.19-22

4. Redemption.
Jesus Christ redeemed us from the curse, dominion of and bondage to satan (Gen 3), purchasing us back to God through His blood shed on the cross.
This overcomes and presupposes our previous slavery or bondage.
Matt 20.28; Mark 10.45; 1 Peter 1.18,19; Rev 5.9; Rev 14.3,4

5. Cross work of destruction.
Jesus Christ destroyed the works of the devil through his work on the cross.
This overcomes and presupposes a kingdom of evil (satan).
1 John 3.8; Matt 12.29; Luke 11.21,22; John 12.31; John 16.11; 1 Cor 15.24-26; Col 2.13-15; Heb 2.14,15

Adapted from Dr. Robert L. Reymond's chart on the crosswork of Christ. Reymond, Robert L. A New Systemaatic Theology of the Christian Faith, Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1998

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