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A Fire Burning

October 29, 1998

A fire has been and is now here. We have known this for some time. God has been preparing the Bride with the Spirit of Burning and Judgment beginning with the household of God. I have known for some time that everything that can be shaken is now being shaken, every foundation. Soon it will be too late. The War in the spirit realm has already broken out and will be and is manifesting now in the physical realm. It is a time when every believer must submit to the fire of the Holy Spirit and stay in the center of the fire such that the Holy Spirit becomes a wall of fire surrounding the believer. It is a time of repentance, for soon they will cry even with tears desiring to repent and God will not grant it, like Esau, who sought, but no.

At MCM we have been preparing for two or three years for this move of God, the last mighty move of the Holy Spirit. It is a wave of love, but of correcting love. As the consummation of the covenant begins, all of creation will be affected. It is the Holy Spirit applying the work of Jesus Christ to all creation, bringing in the great correction to corruption in the system, in the cosmos, cosmic correction.

The wrath of man will well up against the Christ as well as the wrath of Satan who knows his time is short. We will see tribulation, unprecedented disruptions, demons screaming "leave us alone." The peace of the complacent will be disturbed, as God moves to bring Shalom, true peace, to the cosmos.

The blood of the innocents, on every level...animals, people...has filled God's ears, and now He will honor the Blood of His Son, Jesus, bringing the final restitution, the final Shalom. We must speak to the cosmos, to the creation, taking this gospel to every creature, to all creation. We must take dominion and stand.

Sit with Jesus in the heavenlies, in the spirit realm, but then get up and walk, and then stand against darkness. (Ephesians) We must actively be the light against the darkness, dispelling the darkness with the light of the gospel. We bring the smell of death to those perishing and the fragrance of life to the elect.

It is a time of sorrows, a time of weeping and wailing for the woes coming upon the earth, entering the cosmos. We must carry the burden of the Spirit who grieves, who desires an end to the corruption that fights against the Holiness of His Nature. Honor the Father. Honor the Son. Honor the Holy Spirit.

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