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Angola, Iceland and Greenland

Received by Mary Craig
Fri. March 21, 2009

You will go to Angola and deliver My people from the strongholds of Satan and break the blood curse and the curse on the ground; for I, Kinsman-Redeemer, will go with you to prosper the word I will give you for My people.

You will go to Iceland and Greenland and I will provide that you may declare My Name from North to South, East to West, and you will release healing into the seas that it may flow into the oceans and I will make bitter waters sweet.

You are My chosen vessel, and I have called you by My Name. I have overtaken you and you will overcome to overthrow kingdoms.

And I will strengthen your body and you will live and not die. And I will bless your bread and water and the blessings you have sent forth to others I will pour back into you.

I am the LORD who watches over you and yours. Fear not, for I am with you and will be with you into the ages of the ages.

You are Mine. GO-

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