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God our Father forgives our sins through Jesus Christ that we might enjoy fellowship with Him and be turned into servants for His own purpose. We are created to glorify God by enjoying Him forever.

The prayers in the prayer manuals, which are based on God’s Word, are focused on many topics designed to help you fulfill God's purpose for your life. You are created for God. He made you. Be open to God's creative purpose. He desires you to be a vessel in whom He is glorified, one who worships and serves Him, one who enjoys Him forever.

With these Scripture-based prayer manuals, you can pray the prayers, gain breakthroughs, and overcome the enemy through understanding and making Bible-based appeals to God. We have heard and received numerous testimonies of answered prayer and deliverance from people who have used these in their prayer life and ministry.

We are making these manuals free as a gift to the Body of Christ worldwide.

May the Holy Spirit bring upon you the blessings of Christ as you walk in truth with Him.

Mary Craig, D.Min.

P. S. The back story is this: Years ago I would pour out my little heart to the Lord, telling Him about this need, this desire, and that. In desperation, I would finally say, “Lord, You said…” I learned to make proper appeals to the Father, who is holy and sovereign. I learned what it means, “in Jesus’ Name.” I learned to come into agreement with the heart of the Holy Spirit with the mind of Christ in order to do the Father’s will. I learned the point: His Word does not return unto Him void (empty of power).

Dear Visitor to the Mary Craig Ministries Catalog page,

The MCM Catalog is no longer active. However, Mary Craig has made the scriptural prayer manuals available for free.

You can also access much of the materials in her other books for free at our digital library site You may have to explore a bit to find what you are looking for. If you get stuck, please email and she will help you find what you are looking for. is the archive for MCM teachings, sermons, visuals, handouts, etc. Free. The audio teachings are all at

Mary Craig Ministries Youtube Channel has many of our missions and some teaching videos. We just launched this recently, but a few of the videos are on spiritual warfare from messages given at the World Camp for Jesus conferences in Jerusalem, Toronto, and Manila.

Hopefully this will open access to many more options for learning, and free.

Please email Mary Craig with any testimonials regarding how this has helped you or any prayer requests you have.

May the LORD bless you and keep you as you follow the Lamb wherever He goes,

Mary Craig, D.Min.


Scriptural Prayer Manuals by Dr. Mary Craig

The prayer manuals were sold for $12 to $15 each in the 1990s and early 2000s. Dr. Craig is now making them available to all for free.

If you would like to make a donation to help support this ministry and the website please click the "Donate" button below.

The Living God bless you with much revelation of himself through praying His Word and with much answered prayer!

WARNING -- These digitized books are in PDF format -- They are very large downloads.

Copyright Info

We are very excited about being able to provide the Prayer Manuals as our gift to the Body of Christ. While these works are copyrighted under United States Copyright Law, we give you the permission to copy and to share them in full, unmodified, with the understanding that credit will be given; if quoting or sending in part, credit should be given.

Since you are receiving freely, these works are not to be sold or resold. Thank you. Mary Craig Ministries, Inc., Mary Craig, D. Min.

Prayer Manuals

Prayers III, by Dr. Mary Craig Prayers IV, by Dr. Mary Craig



All Prayer Manuals Index
Index for all prayer manuals I-IV
Prayers I Table of Contents
Open / Download
Tap into the power of the Word! Our best-selling book, complete with scripture references, provides you with 22 prayers for deliverance, peace, healing, hope, grace, blessings, purity, and more.
38 pages.


Prayers II Table of Contents
Open / Download
More powerful prayers for the family, trusting, praise, assurance, breaking generation curses, faith, praying against evil, entering God's presence, and more!
16 prayers, 43 pages.


Prayers III Table of Contents
Open / Download
Spiritual warfare prayers for victory in Christ, honor, breaking leviathan, overcoming rejection, death, poverty, and prayers for the lost, for nations, for ambassadors of Jesus Christ, for unity in the Body of Christ.
16 Prayers, 65 pages.


Prayers IV and More Table of Contents
Open / Download
Continues the Prayer Series by Mary Craig with prayers, articles, and sermons.
18 items, 78 pages.



Click here for some sample prayers from the prayer manuals.

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